Be a lover

Mu Bul 無佛
1 min readNov 20, 2020

Be a lover of humans,
animals, plants,
all forms of life,
but please
above all
be a lover
of truth.

All that blossoms,
will vanish.
Beauty will vanish,
and so will all success,
fame and power.

Everything that comes into existence
is going to leave it too.
Death is Life.
Life is Death.

Things shatter,
animals die.
From dust, we arise
to dust we return.

Humans minds change,
and so do their hearts.
Don’t attach to anything.
But don’t be fooled!
You must love in great extent!

Just don’t build your life on that.
On this and that.
Love! By all means.
But don’t build your life on that.

Built your life on Truth.
Truth, my friend,
stays forever.
It never changes.
It’s always and forever:

Love life.
Investigate within.
Question deeply.
For all it’s worth…
Know yourself.
And you will know Truth.
And the Truth shall set you

Photography by Mu Bul, 2020



Mu Bul 無佛

Zen priest, M.A. Philosophy, who loves and does arts, photography and poetry. Above all loves life and the inevitable truth that appears by living it to death.